Sunday, 10 November 2013

Great mammatus displays: 10-11-2013

A week after the tornadic supercells another surprise was in store. This Sunday a trough with temps of -30 C at the 500 Hpasc. level passed the Netherlands bringing some storms. There were no chances for real severe weather events, although I wouldn't have been surprised to see a landspout. Great was the mammatus display at around 16 hrs. LT.
(Unlike the Sunday before I did'nt want to miss the 17 hrs. church service to see even 'more of heaven' overthere ;) ; so I somewhat had to hurry).
I was glad I had chosen the right position and the CB took the right position in front of me.
The CB by the way had a beautiful 'Rain Free Base'; but cells of the 'last week Sunday kind' were shearwise not possible.